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Coin gold 50 FRANCS CFA "Ritual masks of the world regions" - Alaska
Gold investment coin, so called royalty (VAT free in case of gold) with the motif of "Ritual masks of the world regions". There will be 5 different motifs minted within the edition during 2015-2016.

On the reverse side of the third coin in face value 50 FRANCS CFA is depicted a mask motif of Alaska region, on the obverse is depicted a face value of the coin and the national emblem of the Republic of the Congo.

Mintage: max 800 pcs.
Est.price: 155€ (based on mid March gold price)
Price : 157,00 € / pcs


Coin sets "Olympic games 2016 Rio de Janeiro + OG 2012 London"
Set of Slovak euro coins Games of the XXXIth Olympiad Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Games of the XXXth Olympiad London 2012 in one package at an favourable price.
Price : 31,00 € / pcs


SNS -Múzeum židovskej kultúry - súbor minci 2016 so zlatým žetónom
Price : 1 195,00 € / pcs
The product is currently sold out
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