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Replicas of the rare coins of the emperor Franz Joseph
Replicas of the rare coins of the emperor Franz Joseph, who died 100 years ago. This edition will contain: half-thaler from year 1853, ducat from year 1881 and 20 crown from year 1918.

- face value ducat, Au 986/1000, shiny, 3.49g, o20 mm, 200 pcs
Price : 225,00 € / pcs
Vypredaný. Výrobok bude opäť dostupný v polovici augusta.


Album and all 29 cards - Euro 2016 football championship
Limited set of collectible cards with the motif of Slovak football players + FREE album for cards.

Take the opportunity to purchase a complete set of all 29 player cards at a discount price and you get card album for FREE.

Set of cards consists of 28 players who took part in Euro 2016 qualification and the coach Jan Kozak.

If purchasing a complete set of all the players (+ album) you get the same number of cards as a bonus.
Price : 128,00 € / pcs


Coin set 2016 "Football European championship EURO 2016 in France"
Coin set issued on the occasion of the Football European championship EURO 2016 in France.

Mintage 4000 pieces,
Finishing: shiny, SU
Price : 21,00 € / pcs
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