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Coin Ag 2 Dollars Architecture in Slovak history - The Roman style
New edition of investment coins that will consists of coins depicting the motifs of Slovak monuments, which represents the particular a architectural styles in recent history.
On the obverse side is depicted the monument of Slovakia, which represents the particular style.
The reverse side belonging to the issuing authority Niue depicts the nominal value of the coin 2 Dollars and portrait of Queen Elisabeth II. and the mintage year. The Roman style will be the first style depicted on the coin.
Price : 55,00 € / pcs


Medal gold " Franz Joseph I. - 100 Korona"
Gold Austrian-Hungarian coin 100 korona 1907 KB issued during the reign of Franz Joseph I. (1848 - 1916).
Minted in 2017 according to original tools from 1907.
Mintage: 120 pcs
Price : 2 700,00 € / pcs


Coin set SR 2018 proof in wooden box "XXIII Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang"
Coin set SR 2018 proof like in an exclusive wooden box, with motif "XXIII Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang".

Mintage: 800 pcs
Expected issue date: February
Price : 79,00 € / pcs
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