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Medal gold - Historical districts in Slovakia - Komarno district
Gold medal depicting the coat of arm of Komarno district, from the edition Historical districts in Slovakia.

The edition comprises of 20 medals depicting coat of arms of historical districts of Slovakia between years 1884 - 1918.
Price : 37,00 € / pcs


Coin gold 100€/2017 "World Natural Heritage - Caves of Slovak Karst"
Gold collector coin in nominal value of €100 "World Natural Heritage - Caves of Slovak Karst".

Price : 403,00 € / pcs


Commemorative Certificate 100 €/2017 "World Natural Heritage - Caves of Slovak Karst"
Commemorative Certificate of the first day of sale of 100€ gold coin "World Natural Heritage - Caves of Slovak Karst".

Issued is 1500 pieces.

The certificate is currently available only for customers who received our special email offer for this certificate.
Price : 3,00 € / pcs
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