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Medals with engraved personal dedication - perfect special occasion gift.

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Medal Au "Birth of a child 2" personalized
Commemorative personalized gold medal focusing on the most important event in a life of human "Birth of a child" with the unique opportunity to engrave the own information such as name, date, etc.
New mofit 2016.
Price : 225,00 € / pcs


Coin gold 100 FRANCS CFA "Ritual masks of the world regions" - Mexico
Gold investment coin, so called royalty (VAT free in case of gold) with the motif of "Ritual masks of the world regions". There will be 5 different motifs minted within the edition during 2015-2016.

On the reverse side of the fourth coin in face value 100 FRANCS CFA is depicted a mask motif of Mexico region, on the obverse is depicted a face value of the coin and the national emblem of the Republic of the Congo.

Mintage: max 500 pcs.
Price : 1 280,00 € / pcs


Medals Ag "Non-minted versions of Slovak collector coins - 10€ Juraj Turzo-400
Set of commemorative medals "Not minted versions of Slovak collector coins – 10€ 400th anniversary of the death of Juraj Turzo".

Set of two silver medals placed in a wooden box, depicting the motifs of unrealized designs from the public anonymous competition for the art design of the collector coin. The collector coin itself is not a part of this set.
Mintage: 300 pcs limited and numbered edition.
Price : 90,00 € / pcs
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