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Medals with own text

Medals with engraved personal dedication - perfect special occasion gift.

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Roman coin replicas "2000th anniv. of death of Roman emperor Augustus"
Set of Roman coin replicas from the imperial period of the Roman emperor Augustus + silver medal commemorating the "2000th anniversary of the death of the 1st Roman emperor Augustus".
Finishing and replicas included:
1. aureus – Au 999/1000, shiny, 7,79 g, 20 mm
2. denarius – Ag 999/1000, shiny, 3,35 g, 19 mm
3. dupondius – brass , shiny, 11,60 g, 29 mm
4. as – Cu, shiny, 12,04 g, 27 mm
5. coloured medal – Ag 999/1000, proof - tampoprint, 20g, 34 mm

Limited and numbered edition 100 pcs.
Price : 540,00 € / pcs


Hunting trophy CP "Deer"
Personalised plaque with own inscription of data of the hunter, hunting organisation. The plaque is placed in a plastic cover with velvet inside surface, that also serves as the little stand of the plaque.

Version of medal that can be obtained also without CIC points.
Price : 24,00 € / pcs


Medal gold "Andrej Hlinka - 150th anniversary of the birth"
Gold commemorative medal "Andrej Hlinka" commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Andrej Hlinka - Slovak politician and Catholic priest, one of the most important Slovak public activists in Czechoslovakia before Second World War.
Limited and numbered edition 100 pcs.
Price : 385,00 € / pcs
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