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Silver medal "Technical monuments in Slovakia - Kremnica Mint"
The new series of silver medals "Technical monuments in Slovakia" captures many interesting monuments, which are preserved to this day. We will travel with you in Slovakia and we will bring you nine technical monuments, which are unique its history. The first monument of this issue will be a medal with the motif of the Kremnica Mint.

Mintage: 150 pcs limited issue
Price : 49,20 € / pcs
The product is currently sold out


Brass medal "100th anniversary medals recovery v Kremnica Mint"
Official opening of the medal production in the Mint after 1918. In year 1920, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic - Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, a plaque from the author Ján Čejka was minted.
Price : 33,00 € / pcs
The product is currently sold out


Gold investment coin 250 Dollars "Fauna and flora in Slovakia-Aquila chrysaetos"
A series of gold investment coins with motif „Fauna and Flora in Slovakia“ depicting the unique representatives of the animals and plants in Slovakia. The reverse side belonging to the issuing authority Niue depicts the nominal value of the coin and the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mintage: 100 pcs limited issue
Price : 1 856,00 € / pcs
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