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Reservation of the Slovak collector and commemorative coins 2021

Dear customer, today we start the reservation of the commemorative and collector coins that will be issued by National Bank of Slovakia in 2021. The list of all coins is in the reservation form at www.mint.sk.

Suspended shipments to abroad

The Slovak Post, due to air traffic limitations and lack of transport capacity related to the outbreak and rapid spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) is currently unable to smoothly deliver mail (letters, parcels and EMS) to most European Union countries and the rest of the world, except:
Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, USA, Ukraine, where it continues to receive and deliver shipments.
Therefore, Slovak Post declares the situation of Force Majeure and will stop accepting letters, parcels and EMS consignments addressed to all the Member States of the Universal Postal Union concerned, with the exception of the above countries, with effect from 26 March 2020 until sufficient transmission capacity is available.

Postponement of start of sales of €10 silver collector coin (Andrej Sládkovič)

As a consequence of measures taken to counter the coronavirus pandemic, National bank of Slovakia announces that it is postponing for an indefinite period the start of sales of the €10 silver collector coin commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Andrej Sládkovič. The public will be kept informed of any new information on when this coin will be available for sale.
Source: National bank of Slovakia

Pope John Paul II. - possibility of reservation

Kremnica Mint is preparing for us issue the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pope John Paul II. Take the chance to reserve this medal via reservation form.

€10 silver collector coin "150th anniversary of the birth of Štefan Banič" - reservation closed soon

On February 25 we will close the reservation of the €10 silver collector coin 150th anniversary of the birth of Štefan Banič.

Take the chance to reserve this coin via reservation form.

World Money Fair 2020

From January, 31 to February, 2 we attended the ''World Money Fair'' in Berlin 14 times, where we offered our products and services to numismatists and world mints. We can definitely say that this year has been a success for us and we look forward to the invitation again in a year.

Coin set ''Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020'' in a wooden box.

This coin set will be available only by the end of February for the customers who had their previous reservations.

World Money Fair Berlin 2020

We announce to our customers, that the Kremnica Mint as a permanent participant in the days from January 31 to February 2, 2020 will be part of World Money Fair in Berlin 2020.

PF 2020

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. A little gift from us - new products 2020, take the chance to reserve products via reservation form.


Coin shop and exposition closed 23 December 2019 - 6 January 2020

Coin shop and mint exposition in Kremnica will be closed from 23 December to 6 January 2020.

Change in the reservation form

There was a change in the reservation form. Instead of the coin set 2020 ''Bojnice castle'' there will be 2 coin sets 2020 available ''Slovak naive painting from Serbia - Kovačica'' and ''The Day of Victory over Fascism - the 75th anniversary''. Coin set ''Bojnice castle'' will be available in 2021.
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The issue plan of NBS
Reservation form
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