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The key focus of these polls is to regularly collect the different views and opinions of our webpage visitors.
The opinions of customers are highly valuable for us, therefore we would like to ask you to take part in our polls. We honestly believe that your opinions and advices expressed in polls will help us to serve you better and improve quality of our products and services.

  1. Are you interested in "royalty" coins ?
  2. What kind of "royalty" coin do you prefer?
    gold investment coin
    silver investment coin
    both silver and gold coins
  3. Coin of which country is most attractive for you?
    Niue Island
    country is not important
  4. What weight would you prefer in the case of a gold coin?
    1/10 Oz (3,11 g)
    1/4 Oz (7,78 g)
    1/2 Oz (15,55 g)
    1 Oz (31,1 g)
  5. What weight would you prefer in the case of a silver coin?
    1/2 Oz (15,5 g)
    1 Oz (31,1 g)
    2 Oz (62,2 g)
  6. Silver coin you prefer to be
  7. What kind of coin design would you prefer ?
    historical monuments of Slovakia
    Slovak science and culture
    Slovak famous historical persons
    Nature beauties of Slovakia
    design does not matter
    other design
    motif with international topic

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