European Nature Conservation Year

Face value:200
Material:Ag 750/1000
Weight:20 [g]
Diameter:34 [mm]
Edge:repetition of the inscription ENCY 1995 and a symbol depicting a fish
Mintage:28 000 pieces, 2 000 PROOF
Author:Miroslav Rónai
On the obverse of the two hundred Slovak crowns coin, the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic is placed in the middle of the upper part of the coin field. Above it, in an incomplete circle from left to right is the inscription : ROK OCHRANY EURÓPSKEJ PRÍRODY. In the lower part of the field, below the coat of arms, a woodpecker feeding its young is depicted. The name of the state : SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA is given in two lines below the depiction of the woodpecker and its young. The year of issue 1995 is placed on the lower edge of the field.

On the reverse of the coin, in the left part of the field, floral motifs are represented progressively from bottom to top : Calla palustris at the bottom, then Trapa natans and above it the wood vine. Fauna motifs are represented in the central and right parts of the field: a swallow in the upper part of the field, a black stork below it to the right and a white stork on a cane. The fauna and flora motifs are connected by a leaf of the Calla palustris and the cane.