The 100th Anniversary of the first tramway in Slovakia and Bratislava

Face value:500
Material:Ag 925/1000
Weight:33,63 [g]
Diameter:40 [mm]
Edge:Hlavné nádražie - Tereziánska štvrť
Mintage:27 600, PROOF 1 600
Author:Patrik Kovačovský
On the obverse of the commemorative 200-crown coin, in the centre, is the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic with the year of issue 1995 above. The name of the state SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA and the face value of the coin 200 Sk form an isosceles triangle around the state symbol.

On the reverse of the coin, part of a technical drawing with circles and dimension lines is displayed in the form of an isosceles triangle. In the upper part, a front-view of a tram is shown, and in the lower part, there is a side-view. The title 1.električka is written parallel with the left side of the triangle the words v Bratislave are written along the right side. The year of the first tramway and that of the commemorative year are placed below the lower side of the triangle so that the digits 8 and 9 are on two planes, and the digits 1,9 and 5 on one plane.