Tatras National Park

Face value:500
Material:Ag 925/1000
Weight:33,63 [g]
Diameter:40 [mm]
Mintage:12 000 pieces, 1400 proof
Author:Ing. Milan Virčík
An adult and a young Tatran chamois and Leontopodium alpinum flowers are depicted against a rock wall on the obverse of the coin. The state shield and the name of the state SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA, the initials of the designer Ing. Milan Virčík, and the Kremnica mintmark MK, are placed in the lower part of the coin.

The characteristic high mountain massif of the Vysoké Tatry and the face value of the coin appear on the upper half of the reverse. Gentiana clussi flowers and the name of the national park TATRANSKÝ NÁRODNÝ PARK are placed below the massif, with the dates 1949 - 1999, indicating the year the Tatras were declares a National Park and its fiftieth anniversary.