Minting of the first thaler coins in Kremnica 500th Anniversary

Face value:5000
Material:Au 900/1000 Ag, 75/1000, Cu 25/1000
Weight:9,5 [g]
Diameter:26 [mm]
Mintage:5 500 pcs PROOF
Author:Ján Černaj
The face of the coin depicts the face of the first type of Kremnica Guldiner with the Hungarian coat-of-arms consisting of the coat-of-arms of the individual lands under the Hungarian crown. Below is the name of the country SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA interrupted by the state symbol above which is the nominal value.

The reverse of the coin depicts the reverse of the first type of Kremnica Guldiner with St. Ladislaus, King of Hungary, as a knight on horseback. Below, there is in two lines the text : 500th ANNIVERSARY, and on either side, the year 1499 marking the first minting of Thalers in Kremnica, and 1999 marking the 500th anniversary. The peripheral text reads MINTING OF THE FIRST THALER COINS - KREMNICA.