Wolfgang Kempelen - 200th anniversary of death

Face value:200
Material:Ag 750/1000, Cu 250/1000
Weight:20 [g]
Diameter:34 [mm]
Edge:inside inscription VYNÁLEZCA-TECHNIK-KONŠTRUKTÉR (inventor-technician-designer)
Mintage:11 200 pcs, proof standard 3 200 pcs
Author:Miroslav Ronai
Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
Obverse: In the middle of the coin is the most popular invention of Kempelen - chess machine, completed with illustrations from his scientific works. State symbol, nominal value and name of state Slovak republic, minting year 2004 are depicted in the coin too.

Reverse: Portrait of Wolfgang Kempelen, under panorama of Bratislava - town where Kempelen was born, lived and worked. On the right are the years of his birth and death 1734 a 1840, on the left his name and surname WOLFGANG KEMPELEN. Under the panorama are initials of designer MR and mint mark MK.