Entry of Slovak republic in the EU

Face value:200
Material:Ag 750/1000, Cu 250/1000
Weight:20.0 [g]
Diameter:34,00 [mm]
Mintage:14,800 of which 4,700 proof
Author:Mgr. art. Patrik Kovačovský
Engraver:Obverse: Libuše Franckeová, Reverz: Martina Pechholdová
Obverse: A gate with a circle of twelve stars, representing open access to the EU, is located in the middle of the coin. The state shield is located near the bottom edge. The stylized initials of Patrik Kovacovky, the designer of the coin, are placed to its right and the mark of the mint Bizuterie Ceska Mincovna is on the left. The year of issue, 2004, is above the gate. The name of the state SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA is inscribed around the edge.

Reverse: A gate with a silhouette of the map of the Slovak republic, symbolizing the access of Slovakia to the EU, is depicted in the middle of the coin. The date of access – May 1, 2004 - is located above the gate, the nominal value forms two lines under the map. The words VSTUP SLOVENSKA DO EUROPSKEJ UNIE (The Accession of Slovakia to the European Union) are inscribed around the edge of the coin.