Andrej Kmet - the 100th anniversary of the death

Face value:200
Material:Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight:18 [g]
Diameter:34 [mm]
Mintage:brilliant uncirculated quality: 4,000 proof quality: 3,400 the limited mintage is 8,500
Author:Stefan Novotny
Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
A stylized M-shaped memorial representing the Museum and the Slovak Museum Association is depicted on the obverse of the coin, It encompasses the attributes of Museum collecting activities. Gothic architectural elements represent the extraordinary value of the cultural heritage looking to the distant past; a clock is the symbol of passing time; a chalet and old cemetery cross represent village architecture. Near the upper edge of the coin is the name of the state, SLOVAK REPUBLIC and below is placed the state’s coat of arms. The nominal value of 200 Sk is in the bottom part of the coin field. The year of issue, 2008, is placed at the right bottom edge of the coin and below is the initial of the surname of the designer Stefan Novotny, N, and the mintmark of the Kremnica Mint.

A portrait of Andrej Kmet is placed in the middle on the reverse of the coin. It is supplemented with the fragments of objects from his collecting activity in the right part. At the left edge is his name and surname, ANDREJ KMET, and at the left edge are the years of his birth and death 1841 – 1908.