Aurel Stodola – the 150th anniversary of the birth

Face value:10 €
Material:Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight:18 [g]
Diameter:34 [mm]
Edge:inscription: " - KONŠTRUKTÉR - VYNÁLEZCA - PEDAGÓG" (constructor, inventor, pedagogue)
Mintage:brilliant uncirculated quality: 10,100; proof quality: 13,300; the limited mintage is max. 30,000
Author:Miroslav Ronai
Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
The obverse side of the coin depicts a turbo generator of that time, above which is the national emblem of the Slovak Republic. The name of the state, SLOVENSKO, is placed slanted in the lower left part of the coin, with the year 2009 beneath it. The nominal value of 10 EURO is shown beneath the turbo generator; the number 10 is placed horizontally, and the word EURO in a slanted line is to its right. The mintmark of the Kremnica Mint, MK between two dies, is on the left edge of the coin.

The reverse side shows a portrait of Aurel Stodola in the coin centre. To the right of the portrait is a pair of compasses of that time, used in technical drawings, with its arms spread open. The name and surname, AUREL STODOLA, are placed parallel to the compasses´ arms. On the lower left side of the coin, the years of his birth and death 1859 – 1942, appear in two slanted lines. The styled initials of the coin designer Miroslav Ronai MR are placed near the bottom edge of the coin.