Protection of Nature and Landscape - National Park Poloniny

Face value:20 €
Material:Ag 925, Cu 75
Weight:33,63 [g]
Diameter:40 [mm]
Edge:inscription: "OCHRANA PRÍRODY A KRAJINY" (protection of nature and landscape)
Mintage:brilliant uncirculated quality: 8 150; proof quality: 10 350; the limited mintage is max. 27,000
Author:Karol Ličko
Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
The upper half of the obverse depicts part of the characteristic landscape motif of Poloniny National Park with Purple hellebore underneath. The inscription near the upper rim of the coin reads SLOVENSKO, the name of the country. The lower part shows the national emblem of the Slovak Republic with the year 2010 to its left.

The reverse of the coin depicts two Gray wolves with a part of fallen tree. The inscription near the upper rim reads NÁRODNÝ PARK (National Park). The inscription near the lover rim reads POLONINY. The right upper part of the coin shows its nominal value 20 EURO. The mark of the Kremnica Mint MK between two dies, and the stylized initials of the author of the coin’s design – Karol Ličko – are placed near the right rim of the coin.