Silver collector coin in nominal value of 20 euro Conservation Area of the Košice Town Košice - the European Capital of Culture for 2013

Face value:20 €
Material:Ag 925, Cu 75
Weight:33,63 [g]
Diameter:40 [mm]
Mintage:brilliant uncirculated quality: 3,350; proof quality: 6,350
Author:Karol Ličko
Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
Commemorative deeds:2000 pcs
The obverse side of the coin shows a 1617 townscape of Košice along with the city’s historic coat of arms. The coat of arms of the Slovak Republic appears in the lower part of the design with the year 2013 to its right. The country name SLOVENSKO is in the upper part. The stylised initials of the designer, Karol Ličko, are placed next to the left edge, while the mintmark of the Kremnica Mint lies to the right of the Košice coat of arms.

The reverse side depicts some of the architectural landmarks of Košice’s historical preservation area, including St Elisabeth’s Cathedral and St Michael’s Chapel. Situated on the left of the design is a statue of St Elizabeth of Hungary, the town’s patron saint, from the altarpiece of the cathedral’s main altar, shown together with a Gothic arch and stylised lettering. Along the edge of the design, from left to right, is the inscription PAMIATKOVÁ REZERVÁCIA KOŠICE (Historical preservation area of Košice). The denomination 20 EURO appears in the upper part.