Silver collector coin in nominal value of 10 euro Ľudovít Štúr - the 200th anniversary of the birth

Face value:10 €
Material:Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight:18 [g]
Diameter:34 [mm]
Edge:inscription: "VÝZNAMNÁ OSOBNOSŤ SLOVENSKÉHO NÁRODA" (Major figure of the Slovak nation)
Mintage:brilliant uncirculated quality: 3100; proof quality: 6100
Author:Štefan Novotný
Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
Commemorative deeds:2000 pcs
The obverse of the coin depicts Kriváň mountain, and below it is a quotation of Štúr that typifies his character: KTO ŽIJE DUCHOM, V TOM ŽIJE CELÝ SVET A ON V CELOM SVETE (He who lives through his spirit lives in the whole world, and the world lives in him). The coat of arms of Slovak Republic is situated in the upper left of the design, and the name of issuing country SLOVENSKO is inscribed at the top, along the edge. The year of issuance 2015 appears at the very bottom, and directly above it is the denomination 10 EURO. The mint mark of the Kremnica Mint is placed on the right side, below the quotation.

The reverse shows a portrait of Ľudovít Štúr. It is set within a stylised tricolor on which is written part of the title of one of his works: POTREBA PÍSANIA V TOMTO NÁREČÍ (the necessity of writing in this language). Emerging from the right side of the tricolor is a sprig of lime blossom with a leaf. The inscription 1815 – ĽUDOVÍT ŠTÚR – 1856 runs along the bottom and right-hand edge of the design (the dates being those of Šúr´s birth and death). On the left side, between two bands of the tricolor, is a stylized N, denoting the initial letter of the surname of the designer Štefan Novotný.