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The issue plan of NBS 2006

Commemorative coins

(501289)Title: Protection of nature and country - National Park "Muránska planina"
Material: Ag 925/1000, Cu 75/1000

Face value: 500 Sk
(501294)Title: Karol Kuzmány - 200th anniversary of birth
Material: Ag 900, Cu 100

Face value: 200 Sk
(501296)Title: Mojmír II. - 1100th anniversary of death
Material: Au 900, Ag 75, Cu 25

Face value: 5000 Sk

Set of circulation coins

(501287)Title: XX.ZOH TORINO 2006

Mintage: 4000+2000 proof pcs
(501291)Title: Birth of a child

Mintage: 4000 pcs
(501292)Title: Bratislava collectors' days

Mintage: 3000 pcs
(501293)Title: Historical Regions of Slovakia - Spis, Abov, Turniansko

Mintage: 4500 pcs
Note: The purpose of this emission plan is to inform you. Available coins can be ordered in section "E-Shop".
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