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Coin set 2019 "World-known inventions of Slovak inventors - Aurel Stodola"
Coin set 2019 from the edition "World-known inventions of Slovak inventors" focused on Aurel Stodola - a famous Slovak inventor who invented the steam and gas turbines.

Mintage: 2000 pcs
Issue date: May 2019

Price : 21,00 € / pcs


Brass medal "100th Anniversary of the Kremnica Mint in the Service of the State"
Commemorative medal - 100th Anniversary of the Kremnica Mint in the Service of the State

After the breakup of Austria-Hungary, the Kremnica Mint became the main mint in the newly established state, in the Czechoslovak Republic. The commemorative medal reminds us of 100 years of the Mint, during which it produced not only for the common state of Slovaks and Czechs, but after the split of the republic, it is stil producing the mint products until present.

Price : 30,84 € / pcs


Medaila Ag Dobšinský fairy tales 6
Dobšinský fairy tales 6 - set of silver medals

A new edition of silver medals "Dobšinský fairy tales" covers the most famous fairy tales of Pavol Dobšinský. Publications of Dobšinský folk fairy tales have become the fundamental writings of Slovak folklore and are said for many decades.
In this edition will issued 7 fairy tales of Pavol Dobšinský in silver.

Finishing: patinated, 200 pcs limited edition

Price : 42,00 € / pcs
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