Business Terms and Conditions for Purchase Agreements concluded at a distance through the e-shop at

    1. The Seller is defined under the registered name Mincovňa Kremnica, štátny podnik, registered residence Štefánikovo nám. 25/24, 96715 Kremnica, registered in Commercial Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica, Section: Pš, insert No.: 3/S Identif. No. of a Company: 00 010 448, Tax Identif. No. of a Company: SK2020453479, tel. +421 45 678 78 00, e-mail:
    2. The Customer (future Purchaser) shall mean any legal person, a natural person - entrepreneur or a natural person - citizen, consumer, who in any way contacts the Seller with the intention of purchasing goods which the Seller offers, or who in any way contacts the Seller with the intention of requesting goods that the Seller offers with the intention of purchasing those goods.
    3. The Purchaser shall mean any legal person, a natural person - entrepreneur or a natural person - citizen, consumer, who concludes a purchase contract with the Seller as follows.
    4. The Consumer shall mean, according to the Act. no. 250/2007 Coll. as amended, any natural person who is not engaged in an entrepreneurial activity, employment or profession.
    5. By using the e-shop of the Seller and by order confirmation, it is considered that the Purchaser agreed to these Business Terms and Conditions.
    6. These Business Terms and Conditions are applicable to all potential purchasers on the day they are published on, on 10/01/2014.
  2. ORDER

    Through the e-shop at, the Customer may order any article from the Product Catalogue where the symbol “BUY” is displayed.
    To place a purchase order, the Customer needs to enter the number of units (pieces) of the particular article, and to confirm the purchase order by clicking the “BUY” button. This enables the Customer to order several kinds of products, which are successively placed under the “BASKET” symbol.
    In order for the purchase order to be completed, it is necessary to click on the “BASKET” symbol placed at the top right of the page, where the Customer will fill in all his personal details required to make out billing documents and to send the article, then choose a payment method from the options offered, and confirm his agreement to the Business Terms & Conditions. Here the Customer can see the final price including the packing and postage charges.
    The placement of the purchase order will be completed by clicking on the “SEND ORDER” symbol. Thereafter, the purchase order will be registered in the system, whereupon the Customer will be informed by receiving an e-mail notification of the acceptance of the purchase order. The purchase order shall be deemed delivered at the moment when the notification of the acceptance thereof is displayed.

    1. The price generally shall mean a standard retail price (including VAT) applicable in the company stores of the Seller.
    2. In case of using reservation system, the valid price in accordance with these Business Terms and Conditions is discounted price, which is calculated according to the law on prices as the sum of the rates set by the National Bank of Slovakia or manufacturer, and necessary costs for the acquisition of goods (including VAT) under the following conditions:
      • the Customer reserved the coin in advance via the reservation form at, filled in all necessary data correctly, the reservation was activated and consequently confirmed and accepted by Kremnica Mint.
      • the Customer must make/finish the order within 7 days after reception of the Kremnica Mint's info e-mail (which include the order link and is sent to customers two weeks prior to issue date of the coin)
      • the Customer purchases and pays for the whole quantity of coins he/she reserved
      • the coins so ordered will be shipped to the Customer within 14 days after the coins are issued by the National Bank of Slovakia
      • If the value of the order exceeds the sum of 150€, the packaging fee is not included.
      • If the value of the order exceeds the sum of 2500€, the delivery is free of charge except products of gold. This point applies to individual customers, in the case of sellers (wholesalers) free shipping is not applicable and they have to secure the transport themselves at their own expenses.

    All prices of the goods are inclusive of VAT.
    Payment for the goods ordered may be made:

    • by bank transfer – the variable symbol must be identical with the purchase order number. Payment is required to be effected within 3 days following the submission of the Purchaser order.
    • by credit card - eCard – virtual VÚB banka POS terminal. Credit card payment for gold investment coins is not possible due to technical reasons.
    • by cash on delivery – you will pay upon taking delivery of the goods
    • through a pro-forma invoice - upon request

    Payment shall be considered as executed by crediting the Seller's account or paid in cash.

    If the Customer provides incomplete or inaccurate identification details of his person, do not accept and take the package from deliverer within the set period, or do not pay the full sum, the payment will be refunded as a result (all wire transfer fees will be paid by the Customer) and the goods will not be delivered – it is understood that the Seller has canceled the contract.

    If a Customer from the EU states provides an inaccurate or invalid VAT registration number in his purchase order, the VAT applicable in the Slovak Republic at the time of delivery will be added to the price of the goods.


    The ordered goods together with the invoice will be sent by postal service to the Purchaser within 14 days after the payment is credited to the account of the Seller or after the Seller´s reception of payment in cash. The date of performance by the Seller is considered to be the date of postage or the filing date for shipment to another contracting carrier.

    The shipment of goods via courier service must be agreed separately via phone number +421 45 678 78 75 or via e-mail (shop(at)mint(dot)sk).

    The ordered goods will not be sent before the payment has been credited to the account of Kremnica Mint.


    The Seller hereby agrees to:

    • deliver the appropriate types and quantities of goods as indicated in the order
    • deliver the goods pursuant to the Customer's order at the agreed prices
    • issue and attach to the goods an appropriate invoice as a tax document
    • goods will be adequately packed and sent within a period of time referred to Article 4 (Delivery terms) of these Business Terms and Conditions.

    The Purchaser hereby agrees to:

    • receive the ordered goods,
    • inspect the package carefully,
    • if the goods are parcelled up, the parcel will be sealed with a yellow tape bearing the logo of Kremnica Mint,
    • f the shipment is damaged or there is any suspicion that it is incomplete, the Purchaser shall not accept such shipment, and shall write up a shipment damage report with the carrier,
    • pay the agreed/quoted price for the delivered goods.

    The Seller shall not assume any liability for:

    • delayed delivery of goods due to a cause attributable to the postal/forwarding service
    • damage to the goods caused by the postal/forwarding service
    • failure to deliver the goods due to any unforeseeable impediments

    f the Purchaser receives an e-mail message from the Seller informing about the dispatch of the goods or about the filing data and the Purchaser does not receive the goods within 2-4 working days, the Seller is kindly asking the Purchaser to check at the post office regarding the consignment, or check the online tracking of item movement according to the filing data received by the Seller. If any doubts, the Purchaser shall contact the Seller via +421 45 678 78 75 to clarify the delivery status.

    • Order cancellation on the part of the Purchaser

      the Purchaser may cancel his order by phone via phone number +421 45 678 78 75, or via e-mail (shop(at)mint(dot)sk), if the price as per the order (pro-forma invoice) has not yet been paid. If the Purchaser cancels his order after paying the price for the ordered goods but yet before the delivery of the goods, Kremnica Mint is entitled to deduct the costs it has demonstrably incurred in connection with the handling of such an order, and, thereafter within 15 days, the remaining funds will be refunded into the bank account designated by the Customer. If the Customer intends to cancel his order after taking delivery of the goods, the procedure set forth in Article 6 shall be followed.

    • Order cancellation on the part of the Seller

      Kremnica Mint reserves the right to cancel any purchase order or a part thereof in the following instances:

      • if it is impossible, due to technical reasons, to deliver the goods by the requested delivery date or upon the terms agreed in the purchase order,
      • the goods are out of stock,
      • if their price has changed significantly as a consequence, for example, of an increase in the prices of precious metals traded at the metal exchange. If such a situation occurs, the Seller shall immediately contact the Purchaser with the view to agreeing on further procedures. If the Customer has already paid the price as per the order (pro-forma invoice) and no agreement is reached as to the delivery of other goods of the same quality and price or as to any other substitute delivery, the Seller shall refund the price paid, or advance payment made, for the goods into the Purchaser’s account within 15 days

    The Purchaser – The Consumer has the right to rescind the purchase agreement within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods according to the Act no. 102/2014 Coll. Consumer Protection in the sale of goods or provision of services on the basis of the distance contract or contract outside the premises of the Seller and amending certain laws (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") pursuant to § 7 et seq.

    The Customer shall not have right to rescind the agreement within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods, if he or she purchased an audiovisual work, i.e. a recorded medium via an e-shop at, which he/she has already unpacked.
    The Customer’s right to rescind the Agreement shall be exercised in writing, via e-mail (shop(at)mint(dot)sk) or in another manner raising no doubt about the rescission of the Agreement. If the Customer exercises his right to rescind the Agreement, he/she shall return the goods in person to the Minc-art shop, or in another manner agreed beforehand with Kremnica Mint, within 14 days of exercising his right to rescind the Agreement. The goods must not show any signs of having been used, and must be in the original packaging that is undamaged together with all the accessories included in the package.

    If the product or the packaging shows signs of damage, Kremnica Mint reserves the right to charge the Customer the costs associated with placing goods in original condition. The cost of returning goods to our facility shall be borne by the Seller. The goods sent by mail order will not be taken. Kremnica Mint undertakes to refund price paid for the goods or any advance payment to the Customer within 14 days of the date of termination of the contract, including the costs incurred by the Customer in respect of the goods ordered. Kremnica Mint is required to reimburse payments under paragraph 1 in the same manner used by the Consumer in their payment. This does not affect the Consumer's right to negotiate with the Seller to another payment method, if in this context the Consumer will not be charged any additional fees.

    To withdraw the contract you can use the following form "Withdrawal from the contract" (download link), in which it is needed to complete the required information.


    All offered goods are subject to the applicable statutory warranty period of 24 months, commencing on the date of reception of the goods by the Purchaser, unless otherwise indicated.

    The warranty shall not apply to any mechanically damaged goods or goods destroyed by unprofessional handling by the Customer.


    The Customer shall visually check the goods immediately when and after taking delivery of the goods. The Customer may refuse to take delivery of the goods if the goods show visible mechanical damage apparently caused during transportation or if the goods are incomplete. In that event, the Customer shall either write up a damage report with the carrier or refuse to take delivery of the goods. It is required to report any mechanically damaged products in unbroken packaging immediately after taking delivery of the goods, and not to use such goods. Later complaints of such a nature shall not be accepted.

    Complaints are handled:

    • calling the number: +421 45 678 78 75, on working days between 08:30 a.m. and 16:00 p.m. After that it is required to confirm the complaint via postal service/e-mail/fax within 3 days, otherwise the complaint is considered to be invalid.
    • e-mail to: shop(at)mint(dot)sk
    • by post; the goods under complaint must be accompanied by the invoice or any other tax document and a covering letter with a description of the defects in the goods (how the damage was demonstrated or how the damage is demonstrating).

    The complaint must contain a description of the defect, how the defect is demonstrated and what the Purchaser demands within the complaint calls.

    The Seller shall resolve a complaint within 30 days from having received it.

    The Seller shall not be liable for defects which occurred as a result of mechanical damage being caused to a product due to improper handling or storage of the product in inappropriate conditions (chemically aggressive, dusty or moist environment) or caused by a natural disaster.

    The cost of shipment to the amount of current postage shall be borne by the Seller, if the complaint is justified.


    When purchasing goods personally in the store and paying cash, the Customer may request a customer card. The purpose of this customer card is to record the purchases of regular coin shop customers. Based of the analysis of the value of purchases through our e-shop and data from the customer card, we will allow particular customers (meeting the criteria) to join our loyalty program. Consequently such customers will be given a priority in reservation of exclusive products, or use other benefits.


    Information and guidance on the rights under § 15 of Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data.

    • Under the Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data (§ 10 para. 3) and in accordance with the Act. 22/2004 on Electronic Commerce, the Purchaser shall by submitting the order provide a consent to Mincovňa Kremnica, š.p., (Hereinafter " the Operator") to record and process personal data to the extent specified in the Customer form given on the website of the Operator, as well as the information about the purchases of the Customer, for the purpose of keeping order history. Personal customer data are gathered for the fulfillment of obligations especially when invoicing, contacting the Customer in connection with the processing of orders, delivery of goods ordered and sending advertising messages in the event of consent in doing so.
    • The Operator processes personal data in the range of the Customer´s first name, last name, display name, e-mail address, address, contact phone number and password.
    • The Customer provides personal data voluntarily and the personal data may be checked and edited at any time directly in on-line mode on the website - Customer support, in the Customer section, immediately after logging on the "Customer Information". The personal data shall be removed from the registration by writing to the company or via email After the cancellation of registration in the e-shop of the Operator and after the completion of the purpose of processing the data, personal data will be destroyed without delay.
    • The Customer is giving permission to the Operator to provide personal customer information to third parties such as shipping and forwarding companies in respect of orders equipment, by confirming the agreement with the Business Terms and Conditions before placing an order.
    1. As regards a relationship based on the following Business Terms and Conditions between the Purchaser and the Seller - entrepreneur, those shall be governed, if they can not be subsumed by any provision in these terms, by the provisions of the sales contract under the Commercial Code. As regards the relations established between the Seller and the citizens – consumers, those shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the sales contract under the Civil Code.
    2. The previous Business Terms and Conditions published on ceased to be valid on 11/30/2014.
    3. The validity of the new Business Terms and Conditions commence on the date 01/12/2014.