1. How to shop in the e-shop?
  2. What payment methods may be used?
  3. Registration for E-mail News
  4. Product Search
  5. How to order a product you had reserved
  6. I forgot my Customer ID

How to shop in the e-shop?

  • In the main menu, select "Online Purchase" to enter the Kremnica Mint e-shop.
  • In the right-hand submenu of the "Online Purchase" category, select the articles you wish to buy (coins, medals, badges, etc). If you are not sure of which category your article belongs to, use the "Search" option.
  • A detailed picture of each product can be obtained by clicking the "i" icon or the product's title.
  • When you find the right article, enter the quantity and click the icon (shopping basket) to include the product in your shopping list.
  • After having selected all the required products, move on to creating a binding order by clicking on "Order" in the right-hand section of the "Shopping Basket" window, or click on "Shopping Basket" at the top of the screen.
  • The contents of your shopping basket can be optionally adjusted prior to sending a binding order by adding or deleting individual items; click the "Update Basket" option to effect the changes.
  • When your shopping basket contains just the articles and quantities you wish to buy, click on "Create Order".
  • In the next step, complete the order by entering the required data, and confirm it by clicking on "Send Order".

What payment methods may be used?

  • Cash payment on delivery - the goods you have ordered may be sent to you to any location within the Slovak Republic. You will pay only upon delivery through the postal service.
  • Banker's card (VISA, MasterCard) - if you are a holder of an international VISA or EuroCard/MasterCard debit/credit card, you can use the Tatrabanka's CardPay system of payments, where you will be redirected upon order confirmation.
  • Internet Banking (TatraPay) - this method of payment uses Tatrabanka's Internet Banking system, where you will be redirected upon order confirmation. The system is available only to Tatrabanka customers!
  • Prepayment against an advance invoice - the goods will be sent to you by post upon payment of an advance invoice and customs clearance.

Registration for E-mail News

  • To register to receive e-mail information about new products, services, exhibitions or other events, use the "Mailing List" form: complete the form by indicating your name and e-mail address and click on "Subscribe".
  • To deregister from the e-mail news, enter your name and the e-mail address to which the news has been mailed, and click on "Unsubscribe". This will delete you from the mailing list.
  • Procedures for viewing articles and their specifications, or buying products can be simplified by the "Search" option with which you can, if you know the name of the product or a part of it, have a list of pages containing the desired word (or string) displayed. Clicking a title on the search results list will take you to a specific page.

How to order a product you had reserved

  • Reserved product can be ordered only at the moment of its official release (not earlier because it is not produced). Each customer is informed about the possibility to order the reserved product by e-mail that contains also the active internet link. Clicking this link will automatically open in your internet browser webpage "Customer information"
  • On the customer information web page is visible a list of all your reserved products. The products that can be ordered have a visible Shopping Cart icon (on the right side, next to the product). When you click on this icon you add the reserved product(s) to shopping cart.
  • Number of reserved products can not be changed while making the order!
  • After adding the reserved product(s) in the shopping cart you can also simply add in the cart any other product(s) from the current offer of E-commerce page (by clicking the E-commerce webpage at the top of the webpage).

I forgot my Customer ID

  • Go to the "Customer information" webpage
  • In the Login section, fill in your e-mail (ID leave blank) and click on Login
  • A form with the button Send my ID appears - after clicking the button you will receive your ID by e-mail (to the provided email address).