Teflon-coating – applying Teflon coating GREBLON (r) on sandblasted metal surface.

Metals suitable for Teflon-coating – aluminium, steel
Maximum dimension of parts – dimensions cannot exceed 700 mm
Maximum weight of parts – 30 kg

Properties of the coating:

  • is non-stick, few solids parts adheres to coating, and if that happens they are easy to remove,
  • has excellent sliding properties, low coefficient of friction,
  • is non-wetting , coating is hydrophobic and oleophobic,
  • is resistant to a temperature of 230 ° C and short term temperatures up to 250 ° C (kitchen equipment used for baking and cooking),
  • is chemically resistant.


  • coating meets the classification for human and veterinary medicine concerning the production of coatings for the roasting cookware, cooking and baking as well as for small electrical appliances,
  • coating is widely used in engineering - for functional cutting tools, sawing, for chemical, dairy, meat processing industry, molds for plastics and the like.