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Coin Au 100 €/2019 " Mojmir I. ruler of Great Moravia"

Coin Au 100 €/2019 " Mojmir I. ruler of Great Moravia"
Code: 522010

Material: Au 900/1000
Diameter: 26[mm]
Weight: 9.5[g]
Finishing: PROOF

Author: MgA. Miroslav Schovanec,

Price: 440,00 € / pcs
Quantity:  pcs
€100 gold collector coin Mojmir I. ruler of Great Moravia

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Commemorative certificate 100€/2019 "Mojmir I. ruler of Great Moravia"
Commemorative certificate to mark the first day of sale of the gold collector coin 100€ "Mojmir I. ruler of Great Moravia".

Issued: 1500 pieces.

Commemorative certificate is currently available only for customers who received our special email offer.

Price : 4,00 € / pcs
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