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Calendar SP 2020 - Franšois Boucher - Diana Leaving Her Bath

Calendar SP 2020 - Franšois Boucher - Diana Leaving Her Bath
Code: 670464

Material: Ms 90
Diameter: 63x82[mm]
Weight: 183.36[g]
Finishing: Silver-plated patinated

Author: Branislav Ronai

Price: 25,30 € / pcs
The product is currently sold out
Silver patinated calendar 2020 - from the edition ''The master pieces od world artist''. Plaque with motive of the famous artist Franšois Boucher - Diana after the Bath on the obverse and calendar 2020 on the reverse.

Boucher painted Diana, the goddess of hunt, assisted in bathing a fairy under the moonlight. He portrays Diana as a charming girl, pointing out the beauty of the woman's body. The original image is stored in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
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