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The production program of Kremnica Mint encompasses coins, medals, plaques, badges, rank insignia, tie pins, key holders, chain insignia, plates and visit cards.

Our products are suitable for various historical, social, cultural and sports events, and may be used also as advertising and promotional articles. We can introduce your firm and you by historically established means - a medal-type imprint struck in metal.

Materials used in our production include gold, silver, tomback, copper and aluminium, with a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes.

We offer management of the entire process, from definition of the idea, through translation of the idea into a graphic design in an art studio, to production which will give final shape to the idea.
Dominant part of Kremnica Mint production is focused on coin production. In general, the coin production is divided into two categories ...
Investment gold
Invest advantageously in a product with enduring value ...
These rank amongst most frequent advertising and promotional articles. Badges are made of a variety of material types, in sizes ranging from 10 to 50mm ...
Rank and distinction insignia
A wide range of rank and distinction insignia are used by the army, national and municipal police corps, forestry units, customs authorities, security agencies ...
Awards, orders, Mayor
These are unique art works, with a large handwork input, made primarily of precious metals.
Medals proof
The high-gloss finish is the top deliverable standard of finish. Medals are made in sizes ranging from 20 to 60mm ...
Medals personalized, gifts
The gold or silver medal offering the opportunity to have engraved your own personal dedication and text on it, is a perfect gift for several special occasions.
Medals, plaques and tokens
These rank amongst the most popular means of expressing gratitude and appreciation and, at the same time, they are time-resistant ...
Tie pins, tags
These smart accessories and jewelry articles are appropriate gifts and representative accessories, underlining your personality ...
Surface finishings
Copper plating, brass plating, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, old copper plating, old brass plating, old silver plating, Teflon.
Applying Teflon coating GREBLON (r) on sandblasted metal surface.
Custom production
We provide the entire process coverage, from the initial idea to the final product. Kremnica Mint offers production of minted products ...
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