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Dominant part of Kremnica Mint production is focused on coin production.

In general, the coin production is divided into two categories:

  • Circulation coins
  • Commemorative coins

Circulation coins

We strike circulation coins from color metal alloys, stainless steel, galvanised steel, and metal-plated materials. Coins made of two metals are not an exception, and we can produce them by using the latest technological methods.
Euro mince averz
Euro mince reverz

Commemorative coins

Commemorative coins for the National Bank of Slovakia and our international customers are made of gold, silver, platinum, and alloys of these. Our special product line comprises of bi-metal and tri-metal coins, combining two or three different metals, respectively.
Pamätné mince bimetálovéPamätné mince trimetálové

We offer two quality levels of production:

  • Ordinary strike-gloss finish
  • "PROOF" high-gloss finish
Pamätné mince proofPamätné mince proof
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